Falcons’ official playoff scenario for Week 16

Falcons head coach Dan Quinn can only watch from the sidelines as the Vikings run out the clock for a 14-9 victory over the Falcons in a NFL football game on Sunday, December 3, 2017, in Atlanta. Curtis Compton/ccompton@ajc.com

Here’s the Falcons official playoff scenario for Week 16 of the NFL season, released by the league.

ATLANTA FALCONS (9-5) (at New Orleans (10-4), Sunday)

Atlanta clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  ATL win  OR

2)  ATL tie + DAL-SEA tie + DET loss or tie

Here are the scenarios for the rest of the NFC:


CLINCHED: Philadelphia – NFC East division title and first-round bye

Minnesota – NFC North division title

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (12-2) (vs. Oakland (6-8), Monday night)

Philadelphia clinches home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs with:

1) PHI win  OR

2) MIN loss  OR

3) PHI tie + MIN tie

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (11-3) (at Green Bay (7-7), Saturday night)

Minnesota clinches a first-round bye with:

1)  MIN win + CAR loss or tie  OR

2)  MIN tie + CAR loss + NO loss or tie + LAR loss or tie

LOS ANGELES RAMS (10-4) (at Tennessee (8-6), Sunday)

Los Angeles Rams clinch NFC West division title with:

1) LAR win or tie  OR

2) SEA loss or tie

Los Angeles Rams clinch a playoff berth with:

1)  DET loss or tie + CAR loss + ATL loss

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS (10-4) (vs. Atlanta (9-5), Sunday)

New Orleans clinches NFC South division title with:

1)  NO win + CAR loss

New Orleans clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  NO win or tie  OR

2)  DAL-SEA tie

CAROLINA PANTHERS (10-4) (vs. Tampa Bay (4-10), Sunday)

Carolina clinches a playoff berth with:

1)  CAR win or tie  OR

2)  DAL-SEA tie

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In realityville, after the next 2 losses, there is no playoff scenario for the failclowns


Most likely scenario: Falcan'ts lose this weekend to Saints.


Let's just focus on the Falcons, shall we?

1) If Falcons go 2-0, they win the division.

2) If Falcons go 1-1, they clinch a Wild Card.

3) If Falcons go 0-2, they only miss the playoffs if any one of Dallas-Seattle-Detroit go 2-0 because we have a 1-game lead over all three teams with only 2 games to go...and we hold the tie breaker over all three of those teams. We essentially have a 1.5 game lead with 2 games to go. We would have to lose our last 2 games and then one of those three teams win their last 2 games for us to be out. At least we control our own destiny.

Seattle plays Dallas this week, so that's an elimination game. Detroit is the biggest threat because they play Cincinnati this week and then finish with Rodgers-less Green Bay at home. Dallas finishes at the Eagles and Seattle gets Arizona at home.

Falcons by far have the toughest schedule remaining, playing at New Orleans this week and getting Carolina at home to end the regular season. I think that Detroit goes 2-0 and we more than likely lose to New Orleans (hope not!!), setting up a play-in game at home against Carolina on New Years Eve. This will probably be flexed into the Sunday Night Football time slot, so cancel your New Year's Eve party plans!!